about run O'clock: 3G or wifi is required to all check points for faster time results. If not, your data will upload as soon as you reach an internet zone.

From 20K to 160K, we provide timing solution to your running event. Maximun check points coverage: 10. NO chip/tag required.

Granitis trail run

-The race: Granitis Trail 21K D+ 1550

-The place: Granitis, and the date: 1st Sunday of September

At 02/09/2018, GRANITIS TRAIL will take place for 3rd time. It is a magic landscape and the view from the St. Paul chapel at 1770m altitude will reward you! 

Keep your strength also for the rest of the race. downhill is not an easy way!

Also, the trails are remain clean and signed for the rest of the year incase you want to do your training there!

Nikos, the race manager, will give you more information than you need about the trails and the surrounding area! Visit the race website, or facebook page and you will get your answer asap! 



|CAPS| productions

|CAPS|STUDIO: Responsible for your extreme video/photo captures and editing at any time!!


Team partners

For every project, little or big, help always is more than welcome!

And if the help comes from friends, then the result is much much better! Thank you all for your support and your feedback during the testing days!



one step at a time

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" -Comfucius

That "single" step will takes us closer to release date of our app! The deal was made.

We are happy to announce that the first race that we will cover is Granitis Trail 21K at 02 of September 2018.


Tick tock.... 


version 0.0

Testing mode for our new timing application.

In few weeks we will ready to release it public and start timing your trail races!

Keep your clocks updated, tick tock... 


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